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#ElChavoProject curated by @TheMostFamousArtist

The #elchavoproject was a restaurant takeover at El Chavo Restaurant in Silverlake, curated by @TheMostFamousArtist aka Matty Mo. El Chavo is a colorful neighborhood joint offering handmade Mexican classics & a robust mezcal & tequila menu. It has currently been taken over by The Ceviche Project and the Cocktail Academy.

My piece for the restaurant was a Día de los Muertos inspired Frida Kahlo sugarskull created with acrylics and spray paint. It was a multi-media multi-artist collaboration featuring my artwork alongside @Moncho1929, @PlasticJesus, @PhobikGod, @RubenRojas, @BeautifyEarth, @ClintonBopp, @WickysWorld, @balloonski, @EmmaEscamilla, @ChrisHaven, @GinoFlo, @BlackBrainLA, @Unfukyourself, @Streetartfocus, @LeCash_, @artworkbyartlord, @anafricanamerican, and many more.


The Pop-Up El Chavo Silverlake

4441 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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